How do I adjust infill speed on basic CURA setting

Cura is the answer for those of you printing in PLA, set to 191C and go go go. My only problem is twofold. the first as the title of this post suggests is how do I: adjust the infill speed for the basic interface in Cura? the second is how do I set the infill percentage in Cura when using basic interface?

The Cura basic interface has printed just about anything I have thrown at it, with a temp setting of 191C. However, the infill has a few lacking points. First it is too fast, I would set it at the same rate as the rest of the print, second I need more flexibility for structural parts other than a default .1 infill amount (from what I can guess it is set default at. I need like .8)

If you know the solution please screen cap (ctrl-prtscr) and post as pic on this thread. With instructions.


Duh, you can’t. SO click on advanced and set them there, allow for gcode rebuild time and poof it prints correctly.