Cura LE can't load a 15,000kb file?

Is there no plans to update Cura LE? The default profiles work like a dream out of the box, but not being able to load some larger models is KILLING my usage of the slicer, and I’m about at my wits end trying to hack together a solution after trying 5 other slicers.

My main problem is I’m using the older V2 Dual Extruder for my Taz 6 and Cura LE seems to be the only slicer that has any idea what it’s doing with the extruder. Nothing else seems to be able to get set up for it, except Simplify3D, and because the “parameters” are different and less numerous than cura due to the software not being updated in literally years, I just can’t seem to get consistent good results. But a lot of the large models I print that REQUIRE dissolvable supports, I just can’t do, because Cura LE just spits out “Invalid File” nonstop no matter the file type I make the model.


Any recommendations?

Cura LE isn’t the problem with large files, I just loaded up the 260+mb zombie hand in about a minute on my laptop.

I had profiles for the dual v2 working fine in Cura (mainline) and PrusaSlicer. I don’t recall any real troubles once I had the nozzle offset calibrated, which was helped by printing up this model: Dual Extruder Sub Millimeter Calibration by Shoogon - Thingiverse

I killed one of my extruder stepper drivers, so I’m only printing in single for now, so I can’t really help out with actual dual printing.

Thanks for this.

I wonder if there’s something wrong with the way the I’m exporting my models then.

Can you share your profile for PrusaSlicer Dual Extrusion?

What software are you using? If it’s something like SketchUp, that can create invalid geometry really easily.

I’ll see if my dual profiles got saved anywhere, as I’ve updated systems and haven’t used dual in about a year now.