Cura LE w/ Mini 1 Problem

I switched to the latest version of Cura LE (3.6.3) to use on my first generation Mini. The problem I’m having is that after auto-leveling, the Z height of the first layer is way too low. Results in poor extrusion. I had the same issue with an earlier version of Cura but forget how I fixed it. Everything was great until changing slicers.

Another difference since the switch is annoying. The bed slowly moves forward until reaches the end of its movement then comes back to home; happens 3 times at the start of each print. Just wastes time.

Any ideas on how to fix these issues?

Crazy timing, I just answered this one on another post! Please see here: (Regarding too close to bed)

Be sure when installing the new 3.6.3 you clear you cache. We had to make changes to the start gcode to correspond with updated firmware. If you missed clearing the cache, it could be using old start gcode causing some conflicts. If that is not the case, can you reach out to with a quick video showing the issue?