Cura LulzBot Edition Development: Feature Requests

Cura LulzBot Edition 3.2 includes a lot of improvements. View the change log for more information. Have you taken Cura LE 3.2 for a test drive? Need a specific feature? Do you have suggestions on how we can improve Cura LulzBot Edition? Let us know here!

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When doing a 100% fill on top or bottom, Cura fills lines sequentially. When doing long fills, if there is even the slightest over extrusion, the fill lines get pushed further and further ahead of where the print head is trying to extrude. This leads to ripples in the print, and when it goes to fill the final line, a line that sticks up above the rest of the print.
If every other line was filled first, then the skipped lines were filled in on a second pass, the error would not build up, but would be distributed evenly across the surface resulting in a uniform surface (or at least uniformly corrugated).

I’d like to be able to change the layer height at certain points during the print.
For example, most of the print being structural support, but one section at a particular height needs extra detail. Currently, the whole print must be run at the highest detail any part of the print needs.

That’s an interesting idea! Create a feature request here: Submit an Issue Ticket

This feature is currently marked as Experimental in Cura LulzBot Edition. Note that it’s not that stable yet, but fixes are incoming in later versions:

  1. I would like for Cura to show exactly what layer is being printed moment by moment during the printing process as it progresses.
  2. When a print is interrupted, power failure or anything that causes a crash, I would like for Cura to ‘remember’ where the extruder Toolhead was located and be able to come back to that location and resume the print.
  3. I would like for Cura to be able to identify any file corruption, show an alert, and be able to fix it so that I don’t have to go to Slic3r to do this operation.
  4. I would like for Cura to help me set the optimal Z-Offset during a print. And/or let me do a running adjustment during the printing process.
  5. I would like for Cura to slice the print to help me make watertight prints. And/or be able to select this print option in the Cura print profile.

I submitted these feature requests a couple weeks ago, but haven’t received any feedback. Seems like so many folks use their printers to print single objects, so these types of features aren’t in high demand.