Cura on debian stretch (testing)?


I wonder if cura could be installed on debian stretch (testing).

there are instruction for debian Wheezy (old-stable) and Jessie (stable).

Did somebody give it a try on debian stretch (testing)?

Thank you!


So, I tried two way to install Cura 21.02 on Debian Strech (testing) (as describe here for Jessie/stable: and it’s work, after some work around.

  1. Installation using a package manager (apt)
    It’s failed, because this key is not valid for Strech
    (Erreur de GPG : jessie Release : Les signatures suivantes ne sont pas valables : 88E7C763A506DE12AAB1DEF94C0B27E86C64E93E)

  2. Installation using pre-compiled packages (“cura_21.02-1da4_amd64.deb”)

dpkg -i cura*.deb

The first try failed because of dependencies not presents on my system. As the package was marked as broken, I uninstall the package. Then, I did install the dependencies (fortunately dpkg tell which dependencies were missing), and re-install the cura package. And I could launch cura.

After that, when I try to connect to the TAZ 6, there were a problem with the serial port which was not detected by Cura (permission on the port denied). I launch cura as root (sudo cura) and everything works.
I don’t know why the serial port is not detected when I launch cura as unprivileged user: I will try to explore this problem.

May be this description is useful for sombody.