Solid prints with TGlase


I’m printing with TGlase using the expert mode in cura with the TGlase profile found here:

Can anyone tell me how I would adjust the settings to get a solid/filled object printed? By default, it honeycombs the object.

Thank you!

Have you tried adjusting the Fill % in the “Full settings”?

Well, under the Basic tab, I put Fill Density % to 100, but its still honeycombing (sorry… not sure of proper term) the build.

Yep. That’s the right setting to make the infill a complete solid and not honeycomb. Strange that its not changing in you slicing.

The “Layer” view is a good way to check what’s going on inside the model. Switch View Mode to Layer, then slide the bar to the right up and down to show a cross-section of the internal layers. Mine has a few second lag… but eventually shows the infill pattern. Try 20% then go back to 100%.

Well , if there’s a way to hose it up, I’ll find it!

Thanks for the cura tip. I’ll check that next print and see if I can straighten it out.

Follow up… When I change the settings in Cura, I have to either remove the models or select file - reload platform for the changes to take effect.