Cura vs legacy cura (daid/cura)

I was looking at using cura and it seems the lulzbot version of cura is an older version. Has anyone tried using the newer version with a Taz?

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I had a short look at it last week. The only differences I was able to find is the missing option to set a Z-offset and a blue color instead of the light green.
But I wasn’t comparing the resulting gcode, of the original is a more recent version it might have a improved path planner?

Did you get the new Cura working with your Taz?

I use pronterface for printing, so i can’t say if the direct control is working. But i see no reason why it shouldn’t work. .

oops I messed up the attachments…

So the naming/terminology is a bit messy…

The “original” or “legacy” Cura is based upon a windowing system called wxPython. It was initially created by Daid, then later supported by Ultimaker. This is an older screenshot, but it looks like this:
The LulzBot Edition of Cura (and synchronized to github too is derived from Daid’s. Looks like this:

Ultimaker is getting ready to release “Cura 2.0” It is based on a new UI system called QT and has been significantly redesigned/overhauled. An early beta version looked like this:
Aleph Objects plans to transition to this version in the coming months.

Is there an alpha or beta version of the lulzbot version of Cura “2.0”?

No, but when the time comes there will be an announcement made on the forums. I’ll drop a comment in this thread about it too.