CURA won't slice.

Using Cura 14.09-1.12

When I load a model it displays it in the print bed, but doesn’t generate G-code. It just sits there, like this: screen shot. The UI is responsive, and if I try to save G-code anyway, Cura generates a zero-length file.

Maybe it’s an install issue…? I use Windows 7, 64 bit. I don’t have my TAZ 4 plugged in. I do a bit of arduino and teensy development, so I have the drivers for them installed.

Because of this issue, I’ve been using slic3r. But I have a problem with a print, and really wish I could use Cura to see if it’s a slic3r problem.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Usually when you load a model into cura, the progress bar under the “save gcode” button takes a second to load. High poly models take longer. Low layer heights settings will also make it take longer. That being said, the model you are trying to slice is not highpoly nor do you have settings that would make it take a long time as far as i can tell.

Is the progress bar not loading? Does it work with other .stl’s?

The progress bar never changes from what you see in the screen shot.

Not really, it sliced once with a prior version, but it now consistently fails.

I don’t know if it’s relevant, but the very first time I run it after it installs, my firewall (zone alarm) asks me to authorize its connection to localhost. I do. I’ve also tried disabling my firewall and running Cura in administrator mode. No luck. It’s maddening!

I’m about to try it on my mac.

Try v1.13:

Thanks, but I finally got it working with v1.12. I had to completely uninstall ZoneAlarm firewall, and turn off windows firewall. I assume this is a problem with my software environment, although I have to say that none of my other networking programs have had any trouble. That includes two different arduino development environments.

I’m about to update the other thread related to this. But the short answer is that Cura creates a more sensible path for bridging (fewer retractions immediately before a bridge) than slic3r. But the lack of a ‘cooling fan on for bridging’ option is a detriment.

Thanks again for your response.