Cura2-2.2.1-master (mac)

Greetings I decided to dive into the alpha of Cura 2. I’m using a mac and just installed/launched Cura2 and it’s saying that the printer is not connected. Looked over all the settings and don’t see any red herrings so wondering if any other mac users have run into this same issue.

Edit: Changed the port printer is connected to and the printer tab now shows a green check and states that printer is connected via USB however when I hit print via usb it states that the printer is busy or not connected.

This is one of our Alpha builds, and still has some functionality missing. You can follow along with our Cura 2 development here:

The specific issue you reference is currently being worked on here:

You can check out most recent builds here:

For now, you can save the gcode file and then load it into the previous LulzBot Cura edition or preferred host to print with the new slicing engine.

Just wanted to give some feedback. I used the new Cura to slice a model using PetG profile and it turned out really nice. Quality was on par (or better) than my own S3D profile. No stringing and not surface artifacts. Great work!

We should have some newer 2.4 builds real-soon-now. USB printing is still broken, but it is coming soon.

No love for Linux? sniff…


Don’t fret! If anyone will have a *nix build, it’s us.

Does Cura 2.x lose the ability to tweak z-offset (without resorting to entering g-codes)? I can’t find it anywhere.

Normally, I do set this by entering G-codes to modify what is stored in the Mini, but the ability to adjust in Cura was handy when dialing things in, or if I needed a quick minor tweak while trying out a new filament.

You can find this under Extensions > Post Processing > Modify Gcode

As a note, this is tagged as experimental. We have not had a chance to test it thoroughly, so if you see any issues with it please let us know!

My apologies, I read tweak at Z :blush:

The Z offset was held in the Machine Settings section of the previous Cura, and it does not appear to be there.

At the moment, a custom M851 Z(offset) inserted in your start gcode should get you up and running. (That is if you do not want to update the firmware)

It was very handy to have the setting in Cura when troubleshooting print adhesion. I did not have to remember any g-codes, just enter the adjustment in the machine settings. It was also nice because I could show the teacher and/or a couple of trusted kids in the class where I volunteer where the adjustment was without having to get them up to speed on g-codes and modifying start codes (something I have been hesitant to address with a bunch of 5th & 6th graders). They could make the adjustment, then leave it alone until I was around to enter the codes to update the firmware.

I had not heard of M65, and it’s not listed on my go-to website for looking up g-codes. Can you point me to a description of the syntax and how it works? Does it work the same way that the machine settings z offset did? i.e. it’s an adjustment to, rather than a replacement for, the z offset stored in firmware.

Wow, my typing is pretty bad today. M851* is the correct gcode command (edited previous comment.)

This will change your initial Z height position from the probe. (Although more manual, still possible.)

If you would like to keep the ease of use, you can still be using our older version of Cura found here:

Our version of Cura 2 is still in Alpha, so it may be best to hold off until our stable release for a more polished experience for your 5th and 6th graders.

*Edit - correct gcode

Thanks, Brent. I’m just nosing around with Cura 2 for my own curiosity. The kids aren’t going to see it until after the full version is out.

How does M565 differ from M851, which is what I had been using when I wanted to set the Z offset in firmware? (Not as convenient for temporary changes or troubleshooting than setting the adjustment in Cura, since I could just put in the desired difference between the old and new setting in Cura, rather than looking up the g-codes to retrieve the current setting, then entering the desired setting, and saving the adjustment with M 500)

Getting my walk of shame done, it is a fresh day! (going to take a bit to fix the old posts :blush: )

M565 is the smoothie firmware version which is not really helpful for you. (Yesterday I clearly needed more caffeine.)

Here is the Marlin list of Gcode commands:

You are correct, M851 is the command you want with the Z offset. The only difference when you update through Cura, you use M500 to save it in the Eeprom (firmware) so it remains consistent through power cycles. When you insert into the beginning of the start gcode, you can change just that number on the fly as you did in the box on the previous Cura just without the handy UI.

To everyone who is reading this sorry for the confusion!

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