Cyclone Dust Collector

I decided to build a Cyclone Dust Collector for my 18Volt Dewalt Vac.
I was tired of cleaning the filter every time I used the vac.
Inspiration for this came from Thingiverse but the end design is very much my own.
The only part of the Thingiverse design I used was the taper of the cyclone.
It works very good.
The filter in the Dewalt does not appear to clog.
The collector container is a Ball Freezer Jar 8oz size.
I used that so I could see thru it, even though it’s a bit on the small side.
My Sketchup design files are usually quite a mess. My organizing skills are really not the best.
Cyclone-DustCollector-GaryGdesign-REV2-The_Print-CleanedUp.skp (3.5 MB)

It took approx. 20 hours to print all of the parts.
I used ABS Acetone Slurry to glue the parts together.
The tube coming out of the top of the cyclone is just stuck in there without glue.
It was a bit tricky designing the Male-Female connectors because of the draft angles involved, but
I did get the connectors to fit the vac and hose properly.