Cylinder shifting

I’m trying to print a tall cylinder, and I’ve noticed that the higher it gets, the more “off” the rings are.

Here is the bottom, which looks good:

Here is the top, which has gotten messed up:

From searching through the forum, I guessed it might be related to 2 things, either it’s somehow related to the temperature being cooler the farther away from the heated bed it got, or something related to vibrations of the printer itself. I’m not sure how to truly test if there are small vibrations, the printer is on a level surface and I printed a large, flat base to keep it from tipping.

Should I try and create some kind of enclosure to keep the temperature more consistent, or am I perhaps completely off base with what the problem likely is?

Thank you!

it looks like the shift is only in one direction…do you remember which way it was oriented on the machine, so you can tell which axis shifted.

I would also go thru and tighten all the screws that hold the motors on, and the little allen screw that holds the belt cog onto the motor shaft…shoot, just check that all screws are tight.


there is a limit to how tall a thin print can go, that is why the taller it gets the worse it gets. The top will flex a little as it prints.

but those 2 shifts in the second photo look like an axis shift.