Damper for x-end-motor

I thought this might be interesting for those who want to reduce the noise on their lulzbot mini even further.

See this post for details

I modified the x-end-motor printed part for the lulzbot mini to provide clearance for the moon’s damper so the stepper doesn’t interfere with the metal frame or the screws holding frame together as it moves up and down. It should be good for foxgloves and gladiolas mini. It’s still a work in progress because I need to check some other things, but I believe its about 80% done. I made a small cut into the motor mount of about 2.5 mm for clearance against the frame. The thickness of the mount is now 5.5 mm down from 8mm.

Any feedbacks and suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s what the part looks like now with the Moons stepper and damper.

Great work, was going to start this project myself but figured i should look into it before just dumping a decent chunk of my time into it. post is almost 2 months old, was wondering how much progress has been made? if you’re still working on it i’d love to help, im in the process of gathering parts to dampen all steppers on my Mini and the only in questions one was the X axis for Obvious reasons.

I designed it but I never had the time to actually test it. It should have the proper clearance for everything including the tiny screw extrusion in the frame. I’ve been quite busy so I left the project as is, but if you would like to test it out, and make modifications here are the attached files.
x-end-motor.stp (620 KB)
x-end-motor.stl (785 KB)