Dampers for TAZ 5 Steppers?

Hey all,
I’m reading mixed reviews on these http://www.ultibots.com/nema-17-damper-astrosyn-my17rmdamp/

They seem to dampen sound well it appears but what about print quality? Does anyone have any experience with these or similar?


Several have used them, including one from lulzbot: https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/nema-17-motor-vibration-damper-night-and-day/2367/1

I have one on my Taz5. I have not noticed any difference in print quality at all.

I definitely can’t tell the difference on my prints as well. Highly recommended!

No difference in quality here, and I am able to use my still secret y axis pensioner with them.

Its 100% worth the upgrade. I can actually forget the printer is next to me when I work and my prints are still beautiful

Totally just impulse bought 4 these.