Astrosyn Dampers - Amazing!

This weekend I did some upgrades on my Taz 4 including a new PEI bed and adding Astrosyn Dampers to the X and Y axis stepper motors. All I can say is WOW! I’d say the dampers cut the noise of the Taz 4 in half. Enough that I can sit next to the printer and tune it out while working on other things. Its not silent but 100% reasonable now. Best upgrade I’ve made in a long time.

I’ve done multiple prints with the dampers and accuracy seems the same as it was before the upgrade (fantastic). I made sure to tighten the belts well so the small flex in the dampers is negated. Very happy with the upgrade and for the relatively low cost I would recommend these to everyone. I know others have mentioned these here but I just wanted to add my voice and experience to the mix.

I bought my dampers at Ultibots if anyone is looking for a pair.

Post a vid if you get a chance, would love to see it!