Motor dampeners, anybody try them?

I bought some dampeners (rubber motor mounts) for my Nema 17s on my TAZ 4/5.

Just curious if anybody has already tried them?

I read a few places that said it was the cheapest best upgrade you can do for print quality (removing vibrations).

The Mini section of this forum has an active thread on this:
The thread mentions a source for some good ones.

The consensus seems to be that they make a big difference in noise levels - at least when placed on the Y-axis motor. Less so on the X-axis, and Z-axis not much of a difference (that one doesn’t move enough to make a whole lot of noise to begin with).

I installed them on my X and Y axis and they made a HUGE difference! I can actually hold a conversation next to my Taz 5 without raising my voice. It also helps limit frame vibrations. This is my #1 recommended upgrade to the Taz 5 hands down. So much so I wish that Lulzbot would include them in the design from the start. I also installed them on my old delta printer I built myself and the difference there was phenomenal as well.

I have one on My Y axis, it works great. I found it didn’t do much on my modified Openbuilds X axis because the plastic of the motor mount dampens vibrations somewhat already.