Delamination Problems

I recently purchased the TAZ 2.1 and I’m rather new to 3d printing so please bear with me, any help is greatly appreciated.

After a couple of successful prints of the stock octopus and some smaller parts I started with a bigger model, which is around 4"x4"x5". Everything starts off fine but then the layers start coming apart at random points, starting at about .5 inch from the bottom.

I’m using the stock ABS material that came with my printer. Software-wise I’m using Slic3r and Pronterface, but I usually just print from the SD card. I tried adjusting the layer height, print speed, fill and couple other settings but so far the result has been the same throughout my three tries. The model is a bowl shaped part with approximately 2mm thick walls.

I read this problem might be caused by low temperatures so I did my best to wrap the printing area in a plastic bag to trap the heat but the results were the same.

I’d appreciate any tips on what to try next.

It looks like splitting, due to the ABS shrinking. You may want to use HIPS or PLA or enclose the printer with something to help hold in heat around the printed object. Posting your gcode file will help further troubleshoot Slic3r related things. Export your current Slic3r config by selecting File > Export Config and post it here. We do have some Slic3r configurations available, as we update them they can be found here: Once downloaded, import them into Slic3r by selecting File > Import config.

Here’s a link do the the latest gcode for this model.

Could you post the original STL?

The gcode file you posted seems reasonable. Has enclosing the printer or covering the printer helped with the splitting?

Looking at the pictures, it almost looks like there is a missed step in there. You might want to check your belt tension, Also maybe try printing with a 3-5MM brim, to prevent lifting on the base.

Original STL is attached.

I enclosed the printer in a plastic bag, leaving openings for the fan and LED display. It’s nice and toasty inside but the print still got messed up.

I’ll try to print with the brim, but in all previous prints without the brim the base was attached to the bed very well.
I’ll also look into belt tension, skipping a step definitely sounds like it could be the cause.

000783P.STL (451 KB)