Unable to Print 148x148 Square on Mini

I am trying to print the attached item on my mini. Every time i try to print it it gets hung up on the closest left leveling washer and just chatters I have tried adjusting the skirt to 1, .4mm, 75mm setting in expert, but that does not appear to help at all. I was under the impression that the mini had a 150x150 printable area.

Any suggestions appreciated.
frame.stl (36.4 KB)

Good question… :confused:
I’ve never actually tested the print size…

Being that even Cura doesn’t like it, I would say that there is something dicked with their specs on their site…
“Print Area” should be just that… and their printer and shipped software should support it.

On the other hand, can you just thin each side by 1.5mm?

Thanks for posting up that file. When first loading in the STL, it is greyed out using our standard profile settings. You are spot on with it being the skirt. I needed to reduce the settings to :

Line Count: 1
Start Distance: 0.1
Minimal Length: 0

I believe the minimum length of 75mm (75mm of filament pulled into the extruder) is causing extra loops on the skirt. This will get you maxed out to the 152mm x 152mm, triggering the Z endstop.

I hope this helps!

Edit I forgot to mention, the Gcode file I posted is Medium ABS settings.
frame.gcode (974 KB)