Does the taz pro have a hot end timeout?

Hi. I’ve been repairing a Taz Pro as its nozzles were blocked because the nozzle got clogged due to some carbonized buildup due to the nozzle being left on 260c for 2 days!

This happened after the filament was loaded and the person apparently just walked away without doing a nozzle cooldown after changing the filament. I’ve worked with the workhorse and it has a hot-end timeout. Therefore, I was wondering if the Taz Pro had a hot-end timeout, and if so, where can I enable it?

There is a timer if inactive for electrical safety reasons but that’s at a certain point

Is there any way to edit that so it activates sooner? Or even enable it? I haven’t seen any hotend timeout happen on the Pro when 15 minutes have passed (That’s when the workhorse hotend times out.)

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I am saying a hot extruder not printing anything a long time while hot before it is all day (correction I meant the workhorse)

Not sure how to change the timing of the heat time limit unless it is 3DPrinting then it will stay on

There may be options depending on (if and) what is connected to the USB port of the printer.

I have my TAZ 6 connected to a Raspberry Pi 3B running OctoPrint. I have an OctoPrint plugin that turns off the heaters after an (adjustable) interval of idle time (i.e. not actively printing).

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I presonally have a taz workhorse but I hook up my laptop to my lulzbot with the power cable I had to get a cable from USB B to USB C I use a dell XPS laptop

@Glitch404 - Currently the TAZ Pro does not have a hot end idle timeout. This is a known issue that is being worked on.


I read that there often is a timer there chances are something is wrong with the timer

I’ve seen the hotend on our taz pro at work stay on over the course of an entire weekend once & of course had to be disassembled on monday to clear our the char. This is on the latest firmware. Needs to be fixed asap, incredibly dangerous fire hazard as of this moment due to that fact.

I’ve been extra diligent about manually turning off hotends when I leave every single day once that realization was made.

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That sounds like a good idea to mitigate the issue. If I have find any Raspberry Pi’s in storage, I’ll try that. Thanks.

Interesting. Thanks for the info. Hopely that issue will be resolved soon. I wonder if the workhorse is the only Lulzbot Printer with a hot end timeout?

At this time, I believe that all of the Pro variants are the only ones that have the issue of the hot end idle timeout not working. I believe that an issue has been created for this.

So there’s nothing in the code for Marlin that excludes the Pro from having a hotend idle timeout.

 * Hotend Idle Timeout
 * Prevent filament in the nozzle from charring and causing a critical jam.
  #define HOTEND_IDLE_TIMEOUT_SEC (15*60)    // (seconds) Time without extruder movement to trigger protection
  #define HOTEND_IDLE_MIN_TRIGGER   150     // (°C) Minimum temperature to enable hotend protection
  #define HOTEND_IDLE_NOZZLE_TARGET   0     // (°C) Safe temperature for the nozzle after timeout
  #define HOTEND_IDLE_BED_TARGET      0     // (°C) Safe temperature for the bed after timeout

Other parts of the code have ways to exclude certain models in the code, such as:

#if ANY(MiniV2, TAZPro, TAZProXT, Sidekick_289, Sidekick_747)

So this isn’t the fault of LulzBot, generally, but I feel like identifying this problem and pushing a fix to the main Marlin fork would be expected.

While not being experienced enough in programming to debug it thoroughly, I suspect that it has to do with the Z steppers holding this gantry in position that is being seen as motion, which keeps resetting the timeout, thus preventing the hot end from cooling down. You’ll notice that the Pro will disable the X/Y steppers (causing them to go to ?s for coordinates), but the Z never does.

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I agree with you buddy