TAZ PRO Hotend 2 Thermal Runaway Printer Halted Please Reset

First time I got this error. It seems to be bricked now. How do I reset it? It just powers up gives this message and recycles power.

The weird thing is I was only using extruder 1. Hotend 2 never should have called for heat.

Please. Someone knows something. Help me get this thing unbricked! I need to crank out COVID PPE.

Still bricked here. I try connecting to the printer in Cura but the serial connection times out due to the power recycling I think.

I put in a support ticket and tried the phone line but they want to seem to talk now.

LulzBot support is going to be your best bet. There’s aren’t a lot of TAZ PRO’s in the wild yet.

The only thing I can suggest is to reflash the firmware. The documentation that came with the printer should have E-steps and Z-offset settings, or you can attempt to retrieve them from the LCD on the printer.

Them and the obvious check your wire connections, especially to the thermistors.

Thanks for the replies. It was the thermistor 2 wire.

ON TAZ PRO the wires to extruder 2 slam the carriage. The cooling hood also crashes against wiper 2 during bed leveling or printing in that corner. I removed wiper 2.

Troubleshooting steps
-Open side door
-take picture of wires
-Remove thermistor#1 wire (orange) Check resistance to ground lug inside case: got 112K ohms
To remove the connector from board there is a small lock on one side, center of plug, push it toward the wire and gently unplug. If you unlock it correctly it removes easily.
-Check thermistor 2. Got 1.1 ohms. I suspect a shorted pinched wire.

For now I just removed thermistor 2 wire and it is running again. I do not want to tear it apart until after these parts get printed.