dual extruder tool head v2 installaion issue

hi guys,
I recently bought a dual extruder tool head, but when I followed the instruction to install it, I found some issues that make me to stop.
here is the first problem.
the tool head cannot properly align the X axis carriage.
so I have to tilt it a little bit then I can secure it.

and here is the other problem which is severer I think.
even if I turned the leveling screw to raise T1 extruder as high as possible, I still cant make the two nozzles the same height above the bed.

btw I am sure the bed is level (…at least in Y axis)

has anyone encountered these issues before?

Check the heat inserts on the back of the extruder mount are fully seated into the mount body. The top left side of your picture is where I am talking about, and the other side of the extruder mount.

hi ,
thanks for replying.
and yes, it is fully seated into the mount body, except I have to tilt it a little so I can secure it.
but I think tilt it in X direction won’t affect the two nozzles in Y direction.

Could you post a picture of the leveling screw itself?

Have you tried turing the screw the other way. If I remember correctly in the instructions they had it written wrong. it also feels like you are going the wrong way when you are not.

Brent.l and Sruggiero86, thanks for reply,
I reinspected the leveling screw and realized that I totally misunderstood it’s adjusting mechanism.
so I turned it in opposite direction and problem solved…
thank you all~!