Dual Extruder v3 Printing with Polycarbonate and PLA

I am trying to print an architecture model and want to use polycarbonate for the windows and PLA for the rest of the building. The problem is trying to set a material to polycarbonate whenever it does not exist on the materials tab, nor will it allow me to import any profiles online because they are only for the Dual Extruder v2. When i create a profile the global settings/hot end 1/hot end 2 are all completely blank. Any suggestions?

Something that I do to “make” a profile that you don’t have a premade profile for is to write down a few of the essential settings for a profile (like temperature and speed settings), then edit a different material that prints similarly (in this case, like a nylon or something). You can also save the changes as a new profile by selecting the “Create new profile from current settings”, then just renaming it to your profile/material type. This does take some testing so I’d recommend starting with a small print. Another thing is that you may have trouble getting PLA to adhere well to the polycarbonate due to the large temperature difference between the two.