Dual Extruder V3

I currently need a heat break and a .5 nozzle for one of the 2 extruders. The tool head had a malfunction which damaged them beyond repair. I have talked to technical support and all they can offer is a whole hot end assembly. Giving that this would be expensive for a very simple fix, does anyone know of a replacement part # for the heat break and nozzle for this extruder or something that may work in its place? I was told that E3D makes this particular hot-end. Thanks in advance!

Looking at the BOM for the DualExtruder V3, it does say the heat break is made by E3D. You can try the heat break for the v6, here or here. There’s also a titanium version resistant to abrasive filaments… but I’d start with the stainless steel.

Yes I feel pretty confident I could possibly use the “volcano” nozzle from e3d it looks very similar. The Heat Break on the other hand looks quite a bit different as you can see here https://ohai.lulzbot.com/project/dual-extruder-v3/. Huge flaw if you do have to buy an entire assembly each nozzle change. From what I have talked to tech support it seems like the plan at this point…