Seeking Dual Extruder v2 Metal Parts

As a semi-early adopter and proud owner of a TAZ 4, I’m trying to upgrade. I’ve resisted for so long since I have so many parts. Early on, to make simple upgrades and maintain budaschnozzle-like tool heads, I bought pieces in bulk.

Long story short, I need to find the metal/machined pieces of a v2 Dual Extruder. Hoping someone has an abandoned one [or two] they’d like to offload.

The long story…for anyone in a similar situation

I found a pretty good deal on a flexy-dually, from eBay. Upon inspecting it, I see that switching a hot end out is not as easy as it was with my DIY-dually. That is, getting the wires and connectors switched out is less than ideal if, say, I want to print with a 1.75 mm or just just dual 3mm ABS.

For now, I just want the latter - to print with two, rigid 3mm filaments. I can’t justify buying one since I have all the necessary components, with the exception of the machined plates. Well, those AND the long-blocks for 2 hexagon hot ends I incorrectly purchased. Regardless, I feel like it’s going to be easier building a separate toolhead than modifying my FlexyDually to make switching hot ends easier. …of course, by the time I get around to something I’m happy with, I’ll be just in time to buy the new TAZ 42. :open_mouth:

If you get in contact with our sales team they should be able to sell you one of those. There are many small part like this that don’t have a listing on the website but can be purchased through sales directly.

Just give them that part number PP-MP0086 when you call or email and they should be able to help you out. I checked the inventory levels and our system does show we have a few of those left in stock.


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