Dual printhead printing - positioning the T1 object

Now that I have a dual printhead on my TAZ 6, how do I establish the T1 nozzle object in relation to the T0 (base object) nozzle object in the X/Y planes on my own designs?

I am trying to position text on the PEI surface of the printed object so that the text aligns with features on the base object - in this case, text indicating which relay mounting hole does what function.

I have tried to orient the two objects’ positions relative to each other on the virtual print base in the design software (in this case TinkerCAD) with no success when the resulting .stl file is loaded into Cura (TAZ Edition) for printing.

I DID succeed printing one of my designs (the keyfob pictured below) but I cannot seem to duplicate that success on this new part, mentioned above, created exactly the same way as my keyfob was created. The new object ( on the right in the picture) that I am printing is roughly 4 times larger and very asymetrical compared to the keyfob.

Is there a document describing how to embed an object into another object when using a dual head printer?