E1 Err: MINTEMP PRINTER HALTED with single extruder


I have a TAZ 5. I had to go back to the single extruder from the dual extruder v3. I reflashed Marlin from https://www.lulzbot.com/content/downloads and flashed it using avrdude. I then plugged in the single extruder head. However, the printer is now showing “E1 Err: MINTEMP PRINTER HALTED with single extruder”, as if it was expecting to find a second extruder. When Marlin boots it says “TAZ 5 single extruder”. Any ideas what might be going on?

Thanks in advance.

I have checked with a multimeter and I get 135k ohms, ambient temp is about 18C.

OK, found it. I forgot that I had to switch the cable for the single extruder to the socket where the second extruder was.