Titan Aero on Taz 6

Hey all

I’ve just finished building the itworks titan aero extruder and i am having stepper motor issues. I am using the motor that is supplied with the Aero kit from e3d

I am using 3mm filament ( i know its not quite 3mm but hey…)

I can feed filament in ok and but when extruding there is stuttering, it starts to extrude ok then stutters. If i pull the idler arm away from the hob gear slightly it stops stuttering and extrudes fine. At this point i haven’t even tightened the idler spring, doing so makes stuttering worse.

Is this a classic example of backlash or is something else going on?

Gears are aligned, might be a small discrepancy of .2 of a mm as it looks flush.

Reach out to ITworks for help: https://itworks3d.com/contact/

Does it stutter when you extrude in mid-air? Raise the nozzle 10-100mm above the surface and try extruding.

I don’t have much experience with the Titan Aero… but it could be that you’re too close to the bed. And there is too much pressure as the filament is fed. Check that your slicer is set to the right filament diameter… if you’re printing 3mm filament and the slicer is set to 1.75, then the extruder is feeding twice as much filament then necessary.

Your esteps might be too high. I bought this tool head from ITWorks and instructions had default esteps very different from normal taz toolhead (different gearing) (I think 400’s instead of 800’s but I’m traveling and the numbers aren’t in front of me.)

I agree with checking the esteps as a possibility.

In addition, did you flash the cura 2 aerostruder firmware?

Thanks for comments guys. Turned out to be the e steps. Was trying to feel filament with stock steps. Wound down to 418.5 as per e3d instructions and works great