Edit my first layer size

I have a Workhorse, The first print layer is wider in the outside dimension than the rest of the print resulting in a “lip” on one side of the print. How do I get rid of this?

It’s usually from the nozzle too close to the bed so the first layer squeezes out sideways. This is known as elephant foot. Try adjusting nozzle up or bed down. Mine’s a TAZ 5 and I do it by adjusting the Z microswitch stop upwards, or adjust all 4 corners of the bed down. It’s a tiny adjustment, fraction of a turn on the screws makes a difference. You can also use Z offset but others will have to advise you on the details here. If it’s a big print you don’t want to repeat and it’s functional rather than decorative you can sand off the edge but it’s not ideal.

With the workhorse, it’s just adjusting the Z offset. It’s easy enough. During the first layer hole the button for a half second, then rotate it clockwise to increase the z probe offset amount to move the print head up. You want just a little bit of squish - the top of that first skirt line should be flat - nothing coming up the sides, and not round on top.