Workhorse 1st layer wavy

Seeing some issues on an older LulZbot workhorse printer.
1st layer s wavy and not flat which then results in consecutive layers getting worse and worse, because of filament buildup.
It is also more pronounced on the left side of the printer bed.

Any thoughts, suggestions?

Nozzle is too close, but not by a lot. It could just be a touch of plastic still on the nozzle, if your first probed is nearest the worst of it, I’d say it’s more likely the plastic screwing up the first point, after which, the plastic has been pushed off the nozzle to where the other corners are more accurately probed. If cleaning it doesn’t clear it up, adjust your Z offset to be higher (less negative, or more positive), maybe around .05mm.

Are you sure the filament is not dry enough or if the bed needs to be washed

Is there a way to babystep while the first layer is going on?

Yep. Just push and hold the dial for about half a second.