End of Print Action Differences Between TAZ 6 and Mini

Hi Everyone,

I use a TAZ 6 at work and recently got a MINI at home. Generally, the print quality is amazing and really comparable to the TAZ 6, though the dual-sided fans on the 6 do make a difference. Print quality aside, I’ve noticed some differences in what happens when the print is finished that I was hoping someone could shed some light on.

  1. Z-Move: On the 6, after the models is done printing, the extruder moves up 10-20mm or so then back to the cooling position. On the MINI, the extruder moves all the way to max z height. Any reason for this?

  2. Heat Bed: On the 6, after the model is done printing, it moves to a cooling position and then homes once the bed is cool enough. However, it keeps the bed at that cooler temp (60 deg for NGEN for example). On my MINI, it completely turns off the heat bed when it’s done cooling. It’s nice to have it kept at a warm temp for removal, but not necessarily nice for the electric bill. Wondering if this is something I can change on a print to print basis maybe?

Either of these could be firmware things or start/end g-code differences, but not sure why they differ between the two machines? Thanks in advance for any help folks can give.

You are spot on! The differences are in the end gcode for both of your questions.

1.) The Mini was the first of our machines to have automatic bed leveling. We move the print head to the top of the Z travel while cooling to ensure no contact with the part when moving the bed. The TAZ 6 has a much larger Z height. This means it would take longer when beginning your next print so we only move it up a small amount when finished.

2.) This one is kinda a catch 22. If we turn off the bed, it saves power but if the printer was left unattended it can damage the PEI when the part cools to room temp. (Not recommended, please pull off as soon as bed moves forward.) If we leave it on, it would be a drain on power but will protect the PEI. As the TAZ 6 is the newer machine, we made this change to help protect the PEI as much as possible when the printer is left unattended. (Once again not recommended.)

If you would like to change either of these options, the end gcode for your profile can be modified.

M140 S0 --> This command changes your bed temperature to 0. Change the “S0” to “SXX” to maintain a bed temp of XX.

G91 --> This will change your printer to relative positioning.

After adding in this line, put a new space below of:

G1 ZXX --> This will move your print head up XXmm instead of going all the way to the top

Be sure to remove the old Gcode command for head movement from the end gcode section as well.

Thanks for the helpful clarifications Brent.

So, regardless of power bill, it is healthier for the bed to remain on than to cool to room temp correct? Which means I should leave the TAZ 6 as is and change my mini to “M140 SXX”?

I obviously always try to never leave the finished print unattended, but 8+ hour jobs do sometimes finish when I’m either asleep or not in the office so just trying to figure out what the best end of print actions are.


If you will not be near your printer when it finishes, it would be best to leave the bed at removal temp. This will prevent the part from contracting fulling, and pulling up on your PEI.

Brent - thanks for posting the codes to get the Mini to hold bed temperature once it has cooled to removal temp. The printer I am helping out with is used at a school, and sometimes the kids have moved on to another classroom when the print ends.

I noticed that the end Gcode has the “M140 S0” command in there twice. Should both be changed?

The M140 SXXX command tells the bed to be set to XXX.

If you have it in there twice, you will want to update both of them to your filaments specific removal temp.

Thanks, Brent. I’m using the stock ending G-code. It’s an older version of Cura, that is about to be updated to the current one in the next couple of days (before school starts back up again). I’ll check the code and change accordingly.