Extruder Stops Feeding

I recently started in a 3d printing lab. I’m pretty new but picking things up quickly. Things have been running well until my last print.

Partially through the print, the material stopped flowing. It was still firmly in the extruder but simply stopped feeding through.

I cleaned the head
Unloaded the filament
Tried to reload the filament.

What I noticed trying to load the filament again was that I am able to insert the filament to a point where the stepper seems to grasp it.

If I leave my fingers loosely on the filament I can feel it feeding through as normal.

At a certain point, it will stop feeding in. It feels as if the motor is unable to fully grasp the filament and its “slipping” or there is a blockage causing the motor to simply grind on the filament since its unable to push it through.

I’m at the point that I’m debating taking apart the whole head and I’d really like to not do that. HELP

What print head?

It’s probably a jam just above the hot end of the extruder.

Honestly, I’m not sure. Is there a way to figure it out? I have a Lulzbot Mini. These machines were in the class I took over and nothing was left LOL. I had to figure out what machines they were, and how they worked from the internet LOL

I"m guessing they the original ones.

Also, If there is a way how would I clear that jam?

Posting a picture would help. You can also compare it to the toolheads list: https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/hot-end-tool-head-assembly/

It’s also handy if you have to disassemble/reassemble or repair your toolhead.

Here are a few images. I’m a it reluctant to take it apart at this point without a guide of some sort. I’m pretty confident in my ability to get thinks apart and back together, but I wouldn’t know what I’m lookin for

second photo

Last one for now

Those Titan Aero-based extruders are fairly notorious for jamming in the guide tube inside.

To get to it, go through steps in reverse order, but you won’t be disconnecting any wires.
This sequence here:
13 - Remove heatsink fan
11 - Remove blower fan
10 - Remove zero sense line, fan duct and heatsink assembly

From here, you should have access to the filament guide tube that is jammed. The tube likely has a piece jammed in there that you should be able to push out with a hex wrench. Sometimes you can force it through with a hex wrench in through the gears (after de-tensioning the idler) without any disassembly, but your chance of ruining something in that process is greater than with disassembly.

If the jam is anywhere below that, it should be able to be cleared by reassembling the toolhead, connecting it back to the machine and setting the temp on the machine to 250c, then trying to load filament. Once it’s clear, turn the temp back down so you’re not cooking PLA.