Failed print, messy print head


I’m a 3D printing beginner. I just received my Taz 6 and the rocktopus printed great. But when I tried to print the rock2pus, it did this:

How do I correct the Taz to stop doing this?


For starters post a shot showing the whole print head. It looks like the head angle is weird in that picture, I’m not sure its on the mount right.

Here it is.

The only change from the first print to the 2nd print was that I moved the Taz 6 to a new table.

The whole printhead please. And one of the entire printer too. it looks like one of your Z axis may be off significantly, which could be due to binding or a loose motor coupling, but again I can’t tell because I can’t see enough.

Thank you, that gives me a bit more to work with.

The X axis actually does look pretty level, the other picture showed an angled persective, which I thiought might be one of the motors off, but they look ok. Your idler arm spring tension looks good, the carriage looks seated correctly, so mechanically you should be ok.

You have good starting layer adhesion, and the bed heat settigns look correct since I don’t see any lifting. It definitly looks like the nozzle dragged itself through a significant amount of plastic through. I’m guessing one of a few things happened.

  1. You have the wrong nozzle profile selected. Your Taz shipped with a 0.50mm nozzle. If you have it set to 0.35mm for example, it will only go up enough to allow for a 0.35mm nozzle each layer, dragging the larger nozzle through the plastic.
  2. your fillament diameter setting is off and you are overextruding. Most 3.00mm fillament is actually closer to 2.85mm in diameter. Most of the Taz profiles have 2.85mm as the base fillament size. If you actually ended up with 3.00 or even 3.12mm fillament, that can cause overextruding.
  3. You have the wrong print material settings loaded. I’m not entirely sure what that green material is, but it may be a HIPS or NGEN sample. The user manual would say what it is, or there might be a sticker on it. The point being that if you have the PLA or ABS profle loaded, and it’s not one of those materials, your printer may not be heating it up enough, or may be overheating it and causeing the mess.

All is not lost though. heat the printer up to around 190 or so, then shut it off and unplug it. Use a pair of rubber handled needle nose pliers to remove any chunks of plastic still stuck to the nozzle, being careful to avoid the wires going into the heater core (the larger cylender) and the Thermistor (the small one) in the rectangular heat block. Use a hobby knife or a pokey thing (a nail can work) to get any plastic out of the nozzle crevises. Once the nozzle is reasonably clean power the printer back on, remove the failed print from the bed following the instructions in the manual, and try again. If it does the same thing, it is possible that you have a Taz with a bad Z axis for some reason, and you should at that point call support for warranty services.