Fan0 port power output (fried cooling fan)

I’m using the cooling fan mount for the Taz3 found here:
Using a 12V fan from radio shack rated at 130mA max, 1.56W max(similar specs to the one sold by Lulzbot)
Slic3r settings are as follows:

My thought process was that since %100 fan speed (255 on the LED GUI) sits at 24V, so %50 (~128 on the LED GUI) sits at ~12V.
My multimeter confirmed this, but here I sit with a dead fan.

Thoughts as to what fried my fan?

Do you have access to a multimeter? If so, you can test the two contacts on the fan for continuity. Since you can measure the voltage coming out of the board, that would indicate that it’s ok. The fan itself may have been hooked up backwards, and if the fan didn’t have a protection diode built in it may have been damaged.

Well I finally got my new ones in from Lulzbot (Radio shack is a bit of a ripoff on prices)
Double checked the polarities

Pronterface command:
M106 S114

12.09 V

56 mA

Run three +1hour prints without fail.
Must have just encountered a bad fan
(could have possibly hooked up the last one backwards >_>)

Thanks for the help

I’m glad to see you’re up and running.