Filament change gcode

I am using the firmware, and I was wondering if anyone knew of an command I could run to initiate the filament change instead of using the printer menu. I’m not trying to run it midprint. Just through the octoprint terminal.

Currently the M600 only preheats the nozzle to 140, which is much too low for us. I noticed that the M600 command has an R parameter, but that hasn’t affected the temperature it heats up to.

Any help would be appreciated!

On my TAZ 6 with firmware, if the temperature is below 140, M600 uses 140. If the temperature is above 140, M600 uses the current temperature. M600 R200 will unload at the current temperature, but will load new filament at 200.

You didn’t mention which printer you have, but if M600 works differently for you, then you may have to contact LulzBot support.

Thanks for the help on this. I ended up setting the temperature with M104 before the M600 command, and that worked perfectly.