Filament not extruding

. Hey guys, so on my printer, if I am in pwinter face and I click extrude, then it extruders just fine, no matter how many times I click it. But as soon as I click print it will not extrude and it just grinds into the filament causing shavings all over. Any suggestions?

I assume you mean Pronterface? Are you using Slic3r to create gcode? Are you using a Lulzbot provided profile for the material you’re printing with? Perhaps some more detail would help.
Are you on a TAZ or a Mini? ABS or PLA? Nozzle temps?
Nozzle size and filament size?

Sounds like perhaps your print speed is far to high when running a program, but when manually extruding the speed is just right.

Yes I meant pronterface. I am on a Taz 4 and I’m using ABS. I am using the abs slic3r profile from the lulzbot website. Nozzle temp is about 230c and the nozzle is the .35, it has been printing fine up until yesterday. Like I said before, it extrudes just fine if I manually click extrude in pronterface but as soon as I click print, it just starts stripping filament

It doesn’t sound like the problem but verify that your filament diameter is entered into your profiles that you’ve downloaded and check them as you switch between different filaments.

Stripping while printing can be caused by a few different factors. From what you’ve said you have had no issues printing in the past. To help troubleshoot and narrow down the problem:

  • Try printing a previously made object to see if it still has the same problems you are not having.
  • Raise your Z height well above your table (raise the Z endstop) and see if the filament still strips while it prints into the air. The Taz 4 Z endstop has a tendency to wiggle loose sometimes and either lower or raise on its own. You may be printing too close to your bed surface and essentially extruding into a wall causing your filament to strip. If the print succeeds while printing in the air but not when close to the bed that may be the problem.
  • Along the same lines as above verify your bed is properly level. Try printing the bed level G code on the included SD Card.

Let us know if anything solves the issues and good luck.