Filament string from model at end of print

I’ve been getting to know my TAZ 6, and had embarked on a number of different calibration prints, when I noticed that it’s started doing something that I don’t remember it doing before.

This string of filament leading from the last point of the print, back to the nozzle:

I’ve gone right back to a fresh install of the Lulzbot Cura, with an out of the box profile, and the Polymaker PLA filament, but it’s still doing it.

Any ideas how to correct?

Well, its not a big deal, really, but if you are shooting for perfection (aren’t we all!), then here’s a couple suggestions…

  1. Retraction. You can consider increasing retraction a bit (.5-1cm) and see if that clears it up.

  2. You might have a tad of over extrusion. Just looking at the base of the cube and the small divits around the face. You could measure your filament diameter and adjust the measurement in Cura. Sometimes that enough to over extrude just a tad.

  3. Lastly, You could adjust the extrusion multiplier. I usually print @ .97. Its a bit more subtle than the filament diameter.

These are just my .02c :wink: