New LulzBot Filament Guide!

We have a new LulzBot 3D Printing Filament Guide available. It includes recommended temperature settings and tips. We’re currently working on Slic3r settings for most of the filament materials we offer.

Looks good! You may want to include the recommended Bed temperatures (or a no heat bed required) note especially for things like ABS when you get a chance. Also any instances of machine specific bed requirements (AO-100 ABS bed 110c, taz 1 bed 85c, taz 3 bed, who knows? etc.)

I’m finding the suggestions for temps from LulzBot to be a bit all over the place. From this document:

PLA 3D printer settings: Extrusion temperature: 175-200°C. Bed temperature: 60-70°C.
ABS 3D printer settings: Extrusion temperature: 225-230°C.

TAZ PLA Profiles: Recommended Temperatures: Extruder: 180°C Heated Bed: 50°C
TAZ ABS Profiles: Recommended Temperatures: Extruder: 230°C Heated Bed: 85°C

(230C ABS/185C PLA) and the heated bed (85C ABS/60C PLA) up to printing temperature.
Elsewhere in the same document:
230C for the hot end and 85C for print surface.
185C for the hot end and 55C for print surface for PLA

(Extrusion Temperature) A very general rule of thumb is that PLA lies between 160°C and 230°C, and ABS lies between 220°C and 240°C
(Bed Temperature) A rule of thumb is that PLA requires 35°C - 60°C and ABS requires 85°C.

I understand that the actual temperature used is really a range, changing depending on type of your specific printer model, filament type, manufacturer, color or day of the week. But if you’re going to pick a specific number, it’s probably best to do it as consistently as possible across all the documentation. Otherwise, it confuses us noobs. :smiley:

You’ll find that some colors, even within the same material family, have different ideal extrusion temperatures. For example, the translucent PLA filament likes a cooler temperature than the matte PLA filaments. Some colorants used, like those in the white PLA tend to like a much higher temperature. ABS can have a similar range. In general, use the recommended settings found in theTAZ Slic3r configuration section as those have been tested to work with the TAZ and our Budaschnozzle hot end.

Yes, I mentioned above that color would affect it. :slight_smile:

I’m just mainly suggesting it’d be a good thing to be consistent when you’re going to recommend a very specific temperature (none of those quoted are for a specific color, btw.) And even when there are ranges, other documents give values outside them. For example, the filament guide says 60-70 C bed temp for PLA, but the quickstart guide says to use 55 in one place (and 60 in another, with no context of there being a reason for the discrepancy). Yet the place you’re saying is supposed to be the one you use says 50 C. But it’s highly likely people who get a TAZ are going to start with what it says in the quick start guide…

Just trying to help out by pointing out all the places where it’s listed because I know keeping documents in sync is a chore.

I was having the same problem with having many suggestions to temperature guidelines. We kept seeing 85 as the slic3r profile temp, and 110 as the filament manufacturer temp for ABS. This is what support told me about the bed temp for ABS:

“We recommend using 85c as a bed temp for ABS, and other high temp filaments. This is do to where our thermistor (temperature sensor) is located. We have our temperature sensor located further away from the heat source, so while it reads 85c it is much closer to 110c. Please keep your heated bed at 100c or below.”