Fillamemt coming out the wrong side

Hello, I own a Lulzbot Taz 6 and I’m loving it. However there is one main issue I have encountered when I go to print an object, the filament comes out the top where you would insert it to change the filament. The nozzle wipes, then the filament ejects, and then it probes, and begins to print. The filament does not catch so nothing comes out but it thinks its printing something. Any ideas on how to fix this?


More information would be helpful. What tool head are you using? What version of the firmware? What slicer (and version)?

The start gcode contains commands to retract the filament during the initialization. Over time and for different tool heads and different firmware, the value of this retraction has changed. It sounds to me like the file you are trying to print was created for a different tool head or different firmware than what you have now.

Start with a small object like a 5x5x5mm cube. You can generate an .stl file for one using Thingiverse. Slice this and save the .gcode file. Attempt to print this file and if it fails, post the .stl, the .gcode, and the answers to my questions.