Fine tuning profiles?

Is there a guide somewhere on fine tuning filament profiles? I am having great results with my new mini but wonder if they could be even better if I could recognise too hot, too cool, too fast, too slow…


This was my bread and butter when first getting started:

mhackney also made a great post here:

In general, experience will come with experimentation. Start with the standard profile, print something small (~30min). Then change one setting, re-print it, and see how it affects the results. Photos are truly worth 1,000 words in this field, anything in particular you are trying to nail down?

Great links! thanx.

In the specific questions, sometimes with HIPS if I go tall and skiny, I have layer delamination near the edges, could this be fixed with a tweak or is it part and parcel for HIPS?
I have just started printing with PETG as it was suggested as a good strong filament short of exotics and nylon, the prints are strong and shiny but I am getting a lot of cat hairs, again is this part and parcel for this filament or can I fix it with temp/feed?

thanx again.

HIPS delaminating while tall and skinny is going to be more due to the physical characteristics of that polymer. All thermoplastics will run into shrinkage when they cool down. Essentially, as the extruded plastic cools it shrinks. On longer taller prints, the parts further away from the heated plate will cool faster than the lower layers. This makes them shrink, and pulls up on the lower layers. An enclosure will fix this if HIPS is required, but I would suggest switching to a filament that shrinks less as it cools (PLA).

The Cat hairs you mention are going to relate to retraction speed/distance and your hot end temp. Too hot a hotend will cause the filament to be more viscous on travel moves. The speed and distance are tougher to fine tune. The point is to pull the filament out of the hotend fast enough and far enough to prevent dripping.

Going too fast or too far can cause stripping issues, so try not to make too large of adjustments at a time. Keep the speed below 30mm/s and the distance under 10mm should help prevent the stripping issue from popping up.

More great info, I do appreciate it.