Taz 6 Starting in Filament Change Mode?

When I turn on my Taz 6 its starts up in filament change mode and begins the process of backing out the filament etc. Why?

Same question from me - when the printer is turned on it doesn’t go to filament change mode, but EVERY print job from the latest Cura 3.6.33 insists on changing the filament at the start of the job - and it has a filament heat setting of 140C, way too low to actually extrude anything after changing the filament.

How can we turn off the automatic filament change at the start of every print job?

Fixed - I only loaded 3.6.33 last week, but on checking today found a new version 3.6.34. Cleared caches, downloaded, installed - running my first print job now, it no longer auto-started a ‘change filament’.

Looking good so far.

Thanks for this Gordon will try that now.

I’m having the same problem, even after clearing caches and fully uninstalling all Cura installations including deleting the program file folders from c: and reinstalling - ver 3.65 w/ firmware ver, original single extruder.

Has anyone had any success with 3.65 or do I need to downgrade and install prior firmware?

Thanks for any help.

If I understand right, what has happened here is that a filament sensor option was added to recent firmware and it is defaulted to on, which is a problem on the Taz 6 because the input it would be connected to is seen as triggered on the Taz 6, so it thinks the sensor is there and indicating that you are out of filament.

Go into the settings menu and look for a filament sensor option and turn it off and it may solve the problem. If it works please report back here and let everyone know that I have a clue what I’m talking about. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response. Things did seem a bit fishy with the runout sensor references (which I don’t have on my TAZ 6), I think I checked that setting and tried it turned off (with no success) but don’t want to say positively that I got it correct.

In the meantime I re-installed 3.6.31 w/ firmware which is printing now and looking good, except that it seems to have many more temperature changes for nozzles cleaning and bed leveling than before adding a lot of time to the pre-print process (which seemed to be fine before).

I will give 3.6.35 another shot double checking that the filament sensor option is turned off and report back. Thanks again. (Pretty sure you know what you’re talking about :slight_smile:

Different versions of CuraLE have different versions of firmware and may have different versions of the start gcode. The nozzle cleaning and wiping may have moved from multiple commands in the start gcode to a single command (G12) that triggers a firmware based solution.

I have a Dual Extruder V3 for my TAZ 6 and it replaced the wiper pad with a wider one. I modified the single extruder start gcode to make use of the wider pad. I’m pretty sure I’ll replace the G12 command with my modified wiping sequence.

Thanks b-morgan. (btw, I have a Dual Extruder v3.1 for my TAZ 6 as well that I for the life of me can’t get figured out (even after retuning it for repair… has been unusable for me. I know I’ve seen your input on a other topics and may go back to one of them and update it with a question, would like to hear your experience with yours.)

You indeed knew what you are talking about, reinstalled 3.6.35 updated to latest firmware, found the runout sensor setting, set to off and now acting normal. And bmorgan, the preprint sequence seemed normal. Thanks for both your input.

@todds07, I modified my Dual Extruder V3 with a different cooling fan mount so I didn’t need the V3.1 upgrade. I’ve documented that in (more than) one of those other topics.

I’ve had success printing dual colors (PLA in both) but not much success with soluble supports (PLA and PVA). I’d recommend starting with some dual color printing and once you get that dialed in, you can try PLA and PVA. The PVA settings (temperature, speed, and/or retraction) will need to be different than the PLA settings. I just never got mine adjusted properly.

Start another topic if you wish to discuss this further so other people can find (and benefit) from it.