First Big Print FAILED !!! please help

Good morning all… So I thought my issues with tall prints were solved when i got the taz… not so much.

So back story. THis particular piece failed on my printer (makerfarm prusa i3v) 4 times about 2 inches below where the taz failed.

What happened this time is partial clog/jam whatever, but i dont think its caused by just some RANDOM act of jamming.
It seems that whenever you get up high with these printers parts fail.

Should I start increasing nozzle temp as I rise up in layers to combat this? Even at the end it wasnt fully clogged, it just wasnt extruding much. It had ground down on the filament, and filled the hobbed bolt so it could no longer feed.

I am desperate for help here… the customer badly needs this part.

BTW the picture is 7 inches tall

It would be helpful to know the material being printed with, and the the temps you are using for that material. I do not know if there is enough to base a helpful response with currently.

BTW its 6 inches tall in the picture. Total size about 215mm tall… so pushing the limits for sure.

Yes, you are right.


PLA - 3mm
Bed 70 (adhesion is perfect)
Fan 100% layer 2.
50% honeycomb full infill
Obviously support (25%)
Extrusion width Auto (so .6)
Multiplier 1.0 May set it to .9

Speed , around 75mm/s (big piece like this has plenty of time to cool.)

Anything im missing?

update… just talked to the customer… we are ok to cut this in half and print it in 2 halves, however, I want to be able to print other objects this size or bigger, so i definately want to get it figured out.
thanks for your help

update… so i just tried to run another job, and the nozzle was cloggy :slight_smile:. not fully, but mostly.
So i took it apart and found that there was hot filament halfway up the peek . not a true peek but you get the idea.
I had to use a small drill bit to grab ahold of it and spin it out. Im sure not it will print fine.

However, this is a couple jams in a couple days of ownership.

I thought the issue of the filament back flowing in to the peek (up the hotend) was fixed with the fan?

EDIT : I cant explain to you how amazing it is to have a removeable nozzle head. Working on it is a breeze… thank you lulzbot

See this one:

I have seen the problems people have with heat creep since the TAZ printer started using the Hex hotend. It’s caused by that tiny fan not being able to keep it properly cooled for long prints.

You are not alone, it seems like the small fan is not always sufficent. This small mod should fix it :slight_smile:

sebastian. thanks for the links… would this cause my print to fail at 6 inches up? I can understand the oozing back in to the peek area when i cranked it to 260, but do you think this could have caused my failed print?

thank you

My experience in 3D printing is limmited, I printed some parts on a printer at work including calibration and so on. My own TAZ is still somewhere between USA and England :smiley:
But as long as there is no other hint from more experienced people I would give it a try. There are a few threads on here regarding this problem, they fit to your problem with a better hot end cooling as a solution.

this is a good fan, should work yeah?

Yes, I also ordered one yesterday. It has to be good, Noctua comes from my home country, Austria :wink:

Depending on the PLA you are using, 210 might be too hot. When PLA is ran too hot for too long, it can char or get chunky and clog the nozzle. Lower your extruder temp while extruding 5mm at a time to find the temp where the extruded plastic stops extruding smoothly. Then, raise the temp until you get a smooth extrusion and see how that temp works out for you.

As an example, the Ultimachine PLA I use prints successfully at 225 on my E3D V6 equipped Taz and only 210 - 215 on my AO Hexagon equipped machines.

i actually found 2 other 12v fans laying around that ill use in the mean time :slight_smile: this is why its nice to have many printers… printing the shroud on one of them :slight_smile:

whats wierd is the poster of the mod says buy a 5v fan, but all of these, including the one i ordered are 12v fans…
is that not safe to use?

The reason for the 5V fans is the original small fan that also works at 5V. You can reuse the cables.
If you have a 12V supply or find a way to get 12V out of the TAZ (I think nearly everything is 24V?), thats also great.

usually these ardiunos use 12v i thought… i could totally be wrong.
I have my markerfarm ramps or rambo board and im using 12v fans there…
I asked support to see what they say too.

the Noctua one i ordered was 12v, not 24v as the posted of the mod said too

The normal fans on the TAZ are 24V, see also the information in the manual:
You can see, the power supply has only 24V output.

You need a 5V fan if you want to hook it up to the original mini-fan wires or a 24V fan on another fan slot or a seperate 12V supply.

So i can run a servo wire from the fan (24v fan) to the arduino and power it off of that board? at 24v?
sorry im not great with electrical :slight_smile:
thanks for clearing this up

Yes, but I’m not so deep inside the rambo yet, so I can’t tell you where to get 24V from. Maybe that helps:

yeah, it does help… im considering just running the fan wire directly to the board if possible, otherwise in to the PS directly.

So i have a 40mmx10mm fan mounted with that STL you sent over. I wired it up through the chain to the AUx power port on the board… I had some servo wires laying around, so that works. Its always on, and im good with that.
So im starting my first print after a day of futzing around with it.
Exstrusion seems a bit low at 195 temp… trying to print at a lower temp to avoid problems.
Everything else looks good.

However, once in a while there is a clicking coming from the extruder… Not during retractions, just during normal feeding. It feels like its coming from around the bearing, and the deal that puts pressure on the filament. I have about 4.5mm between washers, per supports request.
any ideas what that clicking may be?