First strand not sticking and excess filament at print start?


I have been having some issues with prints recently. The very first strand of filament seems to have issues sticking to the bed, and while the rest seems to stick fine, it tends to cause issues in the final product. I have invluded pictures.

Also, sometimes a tiny bit of filament will come out of the hot end while the printer is getting ready to start. This tends to then create an issue when the printing starts, and it will sometimes cause a line of excess filament to be dragged across the print area. What should I do to try and remedy this?

Any input would be appreciated.

Part of what you describe sounds like a lack of nozzle “priming”. The usual way to make sure the nozzle is fully primed is with a “skirt”, i.e., where the slicer generates one or two outlines around the part (separated from the part by a few mm). Are you using a skirt?

Second, the pics are a little fuzzy – but it appears the extrusion lines on the first layer are too far apart and not “squished”. That typically means either starting too far from the bed (z-offset), or under-extrusion. A few questions here:

  • Did you measure your filament diameter and enter the value into the slicer?
  • Have you changed the flow multiplier?
  • Do you have any Z-offset value entered in the slicer?
  • What is the Z-offset in the firmware? (Send command “M851” and the printer will report back the current offset value)
  • Does the Mini’s leveling sequence run before the print, touching all four corners?

If you have measured/entered filament diameter, and the flow multiplier is at 1.00 (100%), you don’t have a positive Z-offset in the slicer, and the leveling sequence looks good… Then I would suggest increasing the negative Z-offset slightly. You can do that in firmware (using the M851 command), or you can add to whatever is in firmware by entering a value in your slicer. The firmware default is -1.43. Try adding -0.05, either with the M851 command (i.e., “M851 Z-1.48” would add -0.05, assuming you are at the -1.43 default), or by entering just the added amount of -0.05 as the z-offset in your slicer.

If none of that helps… Post back with more info. There are a LOT of really helpful folks here who will be glad to jump in with more suggestions.

Thank you for your helpful, detailed and fast response. You have provided a lot of good issues to look into.

This printer is being utilized where I work, and I do not have access to it today, however I will be looking into this soon. I can say that the printer is touching all 4 corners, the flow multiplier has not been changed, no z-offset has been entered.

I have not measured the diameter of the filament (aside from what is on the reel), though I will look into that, as well as look into the Z-offset of the firmware. We are also using the Cura software, if that helps at all.