The first print is not perfect


I received the Mini today and tried two model. The printed model looks good, but I found a problem in both models. The problem is that there always no melted filament when the printer starts to print. After a short time, the melted filament came out. So the first layer is not complete. I tried to reduce the retract distance from 6.5 mm to 4.5mm, but the problem is still there. How to solve that?



This is common with these printers. Typically the extrusion begins 20-30mm into the print. The hotend needs to be primed.

Using a 1-2 perimeter skirt is the easiest way to prime the hotend andd ensure filament is extruded at the start of your project.

There are also g-code modifications available to prime the hotend as part of the start sequence.

Thank you!

Could you please show me how to modify the G-code in Cura to make it prime better? I’ve tried, and failed, a lot. I’ve learned to print a lot of skirt which almost always works, but what a waste of time and materials.

Is this the line I modify? And what do I change? I’m not a G-Code type of person, but hoping to learn. Thanks!
startcode extrude.png