Origin Point

Hello Fellow Lulzites,
I was hoping someone could do me a favor. I am hoping to someone could take a picture of the AO-10X and show me where the nozzle rest when its at zero point for all three axis.
The reason I ask is that I always assumed mine was at the right point but then when I was printing with Cura the other day. It started trying to print out in open space. Didn’t work out so well…

So i just want to figure out if its an issue with the software or hardware.

The AO-101 should have it’s origin point (0,0,0) as the front left hand corner of the bed when in this orientation

In Cura, under Machine > Machine Settings > Machine Settings, update the maximum width, depth and height to: 200, 190, 100 (you may be able to go a little bit higher with your print area, especially if you’ve changed things)

Under Build area shape, make sure it’s set to “Square” and Gcode Flavor set to "RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter).

Reload the model in the build area and the model should now be centered.

Thanks for the replay and I realize that it should be in the front left hand corner but how close should it be to that corner of the glass?

Mine is a little bit differnt than a stock unit but the 0,0,0 point is about the same as what it started at. Basically the nozzle comes to rest about 5 mm in from the left edge, and 13mm up from the bottom edge, enough to clear the glass retention spring clamp, and then the standard 0 z axis setting. My ao-10x is widened to accomodate a slightly wider quickfit carriage, so pictures might be more confusing than helpful at this point heh.

I have my origin point set, so that it’s actually off the bed, so during the first move, it purges, primes and wipes off the nozzle against the bed glass edge during the initial printing move.

So how the end stop at the back looks like all the way back so how do i get to use my full build plate?

Install a y rail setup gives you the full travel. Widening the X frame is also not a bad idea and fairly inexpensive and easy to do if you can get the parts.