Flashing firmware from 2015Q1 to 2015Q3

I was going though the TAZ FTP and saw a new firmware 2015Q3 . Should I update a TAZ 5.0 w/ 2015Q1 to the TAZ 5.0.1 2015Q3?

It’s very hard to find changelogs. I found this

-Changed startup splash screen removed .5 from v5, and now is q3.
-Removed second nozzle from temperature/custom temperature menu tree for single extruder firmware.

Don’t know what’s changed from Q1-Q2, but it’s not looking as they are doing big changes to the firmware. If you have no problems with Q1, stick with it. If you want to have more features, you might have a look at https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/latest-marlin-firmware-for-taz-5/1743/1
There you find the latest Marlin Release.

I’d also echo Sebastian. If you are having no issues, no need to update. If you want to go to 1.1 RC2 from the other thread, then there are several very useful inclusions.

Thank you, I did upgrade to 2015Q3 via cura 17.10 upload, so far print quality is the same.