Hi guys,

The flexidually is out of sotck, but I really need to print a flex / solid part. I allready have a Flexistruder and a Single Extruder Tool Head v2. Can I 3Dprint the flexidually stand and put both my flexistruder and the extruder tool on it ?

I found these files to print the flexidually stand :

Is it the right way to proceed ?

An other question, I noticed that I need to reflash the printer to print with the felxistruder:
“IMPORTANT - If installing on a TAZ5.0 or newer printer, you’ll need to reflash the printer with our Flexy TAZ 5 firmware to power the flexystruder.”

Which firmware will I have to use if I want to use my ‘custom’ flexidually ?
Is there any precaution to take ?

Thanks a lot,

We have a simplified firmware update process here: https://www.lulzbot.com/support/firmware-flashing-through-cura, with this firmware being the one you’ll want to use: TAZ5 Flexy Firmware

Once installed the Taz5 Flexystruder firmware (“Flexy Taz 5 Ready” on my blue screen), I only have access to one head of two of my FlexyDually.

In other words, what firmware should I install to get my FlexyDually (hard and flex head) to work?

Thank you for your quick answer! (We like your printers and bought two of them here.)

For the Dual extruder (flexy or otherwise) you’ll want the dual extruder firmware, for the TAZ4/5: https://devel.lulzbot.com/TAZ/accessories/dual_extruder/dual_extruder-1.0/software/Marlin_dual_extruder_taz4-5_dual_fan_control.cpp.hex

You don’t need a Flexy-specific Dual extruder firmware.