Flexistruder... Advise please

Can someone that has this add on give me an idea of how well it works, did you wish you just went with duel extruded instead? I want to play with rubber plastic composite flexi joints for some ideas I want to test out but I’m trying to find out what anyone’s impression was of this device… Worth it or not. So far I have loved my talbot 5 (completely stock) but I’m a Mech E and I can’t help myself when it comes to new add ons and tweaks.

The flexistruder and dual extruder are different beasts… If you just want to use different materials, then the flexistruder is the ticket. If you have a TAZ 5, just print the flexistruder (I’d also opt to use the Hexagon, there’s a shim to mod the existing extruder) and source the hobbed bolt and other hardware.

The dual extruder allows for dual extrusion of similar filaments (I think it will do PVA as a second material for supports)… without modification it most likely won’t print flexible filaments. You could print one/two flexistruders and add to the dual extruder… then you’d have the flexidually. But I’d start with the new dual extruder v2 for the aluminum frame which reduces the flex that plagued the original dual extruder designs (I’ve read of people with better success printing the lower frame in polycarbonate or nylon).

STLs for the different parts and extruders can be found at devel.lulzbot.com.