FlexyDually - how can I print from a single extruder/filament

I can’t find a setting in Cura for allowing a single filament print.

I have an STL that I’d like to print with Ninjaflex (E1 on the flexy dually).

Do I need to load an alternate firmware, or somehow configure Cura Flexydually machine settings for a E1-only print?

Try this plugin

Download the .py file and put in the Cura/plugins directory. Might need to restart Cura for the plugin to load.


We have not done a lot of testing with Plug Ins, so be sure to keep a sharp eye out when using them.

If you would like to print using just the front head, you will need to insert a line of Gcode (T1) just after the g28 homing command in the start gcode section (TAZ 1-5) We had a great write up done by Ray on this one awhile back: https://forum.lulzbot.com/t/dual-extruder-advanced-usage/2008/1

We hope this helps!

Cool, thanks Brent – I was able to send T1 for selecting flexy extruder, but I’m now looking for how to tell Cura to slice for flex instead of ABS? I posted in that thread with more detail.

kcchen_00: I’ll take a look at the plugin… I’ve been looking for a reason to see how plugins work, and this seems like it :slight_smile: