Flexydually V2 with Cura LE 3.2.21 add material


I am unsuccessful in adding the supported material Colorfabb HT (prints well with Ninjaflex), as a dual extruder option, has anybody else found a way?

As suggested elsewhere I copied an existing material (Innova 1800) to modify it, but a lot of settings get’s lost/changed already in the copy itself. As an example copying Innova 1800 material to a custom and renaming that MyInnova1800 … then looking in print setup->Custom->speed (and Material, and Quality etc.) there are lot’s of changes before doing anything but looking.

It is not helping that Innova 1800 only exists with a standard profile (0.45mm) and copying sets up the copy with a default profile (0.1mm).

I can’t export a material as there are hardly any parameters in those files, and exporting profiles can only be done after copying where lot’s of parameters are changed.

The only way I can see, is to open the App contents (Mac) and modify the internal settings files for an existing material, but that is a lot of manual changes that are bound to go wrong, and I can’t yet figure out the file system to add new materials.

In addition I need to share the changes with a colleague on a PC afterwards, but that seems like a tall order.

Other ways to do it?

Sorry to hear about the issues! Sharing custom materials with custom profiles is one we are working on for future releases, and can be followed along with here: https://code.alephobjects.com/T2510

For now, the easiest way to generate a profile and share it with someone else, will be to modify just the existing profile and leave the material alone. After exporting the profile with your changes, the other user will be able to import that profile under the same stock material. Labeling this profile accurately will be key to avoiding confusion between transfers. Inova1800 will be a great starting point as it is a similar material as HT.

We hope this helps!

Thanks. Naming example “I18 ColorFabb HT std 0.45mm MaSp” (Material an Speed settings transferred manually) starting with an indication where it is coming from.

Probably drowning in opinions and sorry for being Captain Hindsight: It is unfortunate to already have a single extruder profile, and still having to pluck everything in manually, while being completely sure you are missing hidden parameters. What we need is to get to a situation where we can export and later import a profile with everything in it for configuration certainty.

Wish you luck - looks like a challenge to debug/maintain.

Found that I could export that profile, open it with the B1 archiver, open the file there, edit in place, save file there and close file, import in to the same place in Cura.

Edits where grabbed from opening the Cura App content (on mac), Ressources, Cura, ressources, lulzbot_taz6, colorFabb_HT_Standard_taz6.inst.cfg

I avoided quality related settings: layer hight, top/bottom hight etc. as the nozzle size, the layer hight etc. are different between the two profiles.

It is not perfect as these are delta definitions to a base set of parameters for single and dual extruders that I am guessing are different to begin with, but neither is editing 50-100 parameters via a GUI.

Sorry, it is not working, the import does not actually grab all or any of the contents - so still left with manually fudging up the parameters …

If only the profile import will be fixed, at least there is work around.