For the Love of Sans and Papyrus please help!


Trying to print some models I made of Sans and Papyrus.

Import them into cura as .DAE
there are 2 models as this is a dual extrusion merge print
models imported are entirely too large so shrink them to .02 the original size
reset object positions
click first model, right click second model, click dual extrusion merge
model looks read to print

issue with this print is the eyes of Papyrus (the taller spicier skeleton) do not print in the model

The entire print is about 4 inches long so I know its not an issue of detail level being too high
the eyes show up in the model when looked at under a NORMAL view type (changed at the top right of the screen)
but changing the view type to layers (again at the top right of the screen) I can see that Cura is slicing the model strangly and this I dont understand.

any ideas to solve this would be appreciated. Sidenote, I really dont want to change slicing software so please dont suggest that. I could use a different program, but my 65 YO father would not be able too, and I want to stay on the same program.


Hmm just after posting that, I notices that the interior of the eyes on Sans (the squatter hilarious skeleton) are missing the small dot that signify the eyeball. Is there a Level of Detail Im missing when checking the setting on cura?