FreeCAD 0.16.6700 Released


This post is for anyone who is using FreeCAD.

From perusing the files, it looks like the Aleph Objects people may still be using FreeCAD for some CAD work, so I think this could be useful to them too.

A couple of weeks ago and after one year of development, FreeCAD 0.16.6700 was officially released. It brings tons of new features and bug fixes. The Releases Notes page lists a lot of stuff, but probably not everything. It is recommended to update FreeCAD to the latest release.

Windows and MacOS X downloads are available here:

If you’re using Ubuntu, you can add the Stable Releases PPA to your software sources and update or install FreeCAD from your package manager.

If you’re using Debian or other Linux distributions you will have to compile from the releases/FreeCAD-0-16 branch.

Also, right after making the 0.16 release, important code was merged to the “master” source code. This merge relates to new features for the Part Design workbench. Datum (working) axes and planes are now possible along with quite many changes. It is also the stepping stone for ulterior work on a relationship-based Assembly module. But this marks the start of the 0.17 development cycle, many new bugs have been introduced, and it should not be used for production work.

  • Norm C.